Manipulation and Moon Cycles
Posted by: facet ()
Date: April 22, 2020 11:57PM

Hi everyone :-)

It’s no secret that moon cycles can and have been used as a form of manipulation amongst the general public, widely in spiritual circles and even in the music and arts industry more recently in humanity.

I have read only a little about beliefs surrounding moon cycles, old myth and folklore, religions etc, though struggle to find much critical insight so far.

Has anyone got anything they can share about it? I’d love to read more about this potentially overlooked area.

Where is the science?

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Re: Manipulation and Moon Cycles
Posted by: facet ()
Date: October 25, 2020 01:13AM

Plenty of hits in this, but no discussion?

Manipulation revolving around moon cycles remains in a fair few spiritual circles, and some of the arts... and not to forget, people who have a strong need to control.

It is an extremely old belief in witchcraft, that still does the rounds today.


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Re: Manipulation and Moon Cycles
Posted by: Resilient ()
Date: October 29, 2020 04:06AM

Okay, here goes! Lol. I find the influence of lunar cycles fascinating, and cosmology has a rich history in agriculture, folklore and magic that carries on in modern times, although our modern world tends not to have to rely on it so much.

It is my opinion, from a spiritual/personal development perspective, that if you are putting some effort into regulating your health, emotions, finances, work and relationships, then the influence of lunar cycles and cosmic events won't bother you so much.

Since our body's fluid systems are compartmentalized and contained within membranes that rely on varying pressures to function optimally, including the movement of cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord, any external influence over us due to our planetary position - including seasons, temperature, barometric pressure, extreme weather events - that increases tension in the membrane system - and add to that tension from chronic stress, injuries, surgeries, etc - it will affect your ability to regulate your mind and emotions.

From ancient Daoist tradition, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson wrote: "During the Full Moon, an increased amount of solar radiation is reflected toward the earth, enveloping and influencing the planet's outer boundaries. this solar radiation compresses the planet's magnetic fields and alters the earth's environmental energy. Research conducted over a 12 month period on Moon Phases revealed that a rise in barometric pressure occurs as the moon waxes, but rapidly drops at the time of the full moon. Naturally, these barometric changes are often accompanied by disturbances in the weather. Some researchers believe that this energetic shift may also be related to increased violence or psychotic behaviour in humans."

"In all esoteric traditions, the moon governs the mind."

In my manual therapy practice, migraine sufferers complain the most when there is a rapid change in barometric pressure.

I'm not so much interested in astrology and when people blame their shit-show of life events on "mercury retrograde". However, I do understand that when we work "with" the changes occurring in nature we are better for it, and being prepared for the waxing and waning of the moon - and the light and dark sides of life - means we might suffer less. So, I pay a little bit of attention to the moon, and keep practicing, healing and growing no matter what.

The cult I was in had a series of meditations and rituals around the full moon, and although not heavily into astrology, certainly embraced the teachings of theosophy and rosicrucianism. It was all about power and manifestation for them. They didn't use it as a tool of manipulation over us, but taught to us as a tool for us to manipulate our own life conditions.

There are still people globally who organize their crops around moon cycles - carried down through families for centuries. I've known German and Dutch farmers who still do.

Anywhere in the world without electricity - mountain communities in South America and Brazil for example - use lunar cycles for work and social organization, you know, for the nighttime light.

I would like to learn more, facet, about manipulation in spiritual circles revolving around moon cycles. I'm not sure what, specifically, you might be referring to.

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Re: Manipulation and Moon Cycles
Posted by: facet ()
Date: November 14, 2020 08:35PM

Hi Resilient,

Thank you for sharing these interesting bits of info, all things I can learn from. I had a little laugh with the Mercury retrograde comment you made as that is relatable.

Musicians, particularly younger musicians will often put new work out based on the assumption that it will be more fruitful in gains if released at specific moon cycle times. They tend to release less when there is a new moon brewing and more just before fullness.

In some spiritual circles, the moon is depicted as a more sinister form of powerless power, so taking advantage of the points you raise where human biochemistry is naturally affected, where people are not so aware of these natural facts manipulation takes place.

I’ll mention the David Icke contribution as he is a subject matter today anyway, but for him and the people who he promotes it to, the moon is an alien control ship.

Some spiritual groupings, (akin to cults but not necessarily matching the formal checklist) believe that the moon is an alien weapon in itself that causes intentional misery to human beings with its cycles. It keeps adherents in fear, and in that powerless state where it is thought that nothing can be done about it. It also creates that horrible reality shifting experience that can lead to mental health issues. It’s peddled as ‘awakening’ but is of course, manufactured.

I’m interested in looking at varying beliefs surrounding the moon. It helps me to formulate the other side of the coin for debunking, should I ever come across those who might be open to it.

Debunking cannot always happen as a spontaneous thing, so a little saved up in the bank goes a long way.

Thank you for the science, I really appreciate it.

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