Para-Church Influence?
Posted by: ACV ()
Date: December 08, 2005 07:41PM

I was formerly in the military and got "involved" with a Para-Church organization. This became my "church family" and it's where all my friends were and all my activities centered around. After one year the leader of the group told me I had to either started doing more for the ministry or I would not be welcome. He became more pushy or demanding stating that I had told him I was "committed" which I didn't say. He still laid the threat out though, do what I say, put up with what I think you need or leave.

I cannot explain it fully but I desperatly wanted to stay a part of the group since all my friends were there and reluctantly became more committed in my time and money for about 18 months. He eventually left and replaced by another who became even worse. I eventually left for another assignment but I did ask other people higher up in organization who said if I didn't like too bad.

The organization did pressure me and others for money when they were short and pressured me in the use of my time. It seems to me I should have talked to a chaplain about the situation but they were looked at as people outside the group and not to be trusted. I had not friends since I was away from home that I could chat with about this and those involved with the group wouldn't even listen to problems with the organization.

Military personnel or easy prey to cults and other groups that want recruits and chaplains need to be aware of these groups.

[i:db25065213]Anyone else out there have a situation like this before?[/i:db25065213]

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