DAS Assessment: A preventative "flu" shot
Date: December 07, 2005 05:01AM

DAS Assessment: A preventative "flu" shot

Those of you who are into psychometrics and psychologicial assessments may be interested in taking an assessment that empowers you to ascertain your susceptibility forming irrational decisions based, in part, on inapprorpriate external influences whether they be of your own making or those inflicted upon you by others.

It's called the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale or DAS.

While the complete version might be not be readily available, or somewhat expensive to take, there's an abbreviated version in the cognitive behavior therapy book "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns that is extremely user-friendly and yet very effective and revealing of one's psychological vulnerabilities in this context. And even better, the book continues by showing you clinically proven strategies to strenghten and improve those areas where you may have scored low.

This is particularly germane here since so many cult, cult-like and mlm techniques seem purposely designed to ellicit irrational emotional feelings and responses for the express purpose of manipulating individuals to pay money for some product and/or service that is misrepresented to alleviate such negative feelings.


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