Apostolic cult/church preys on Art Students
Posted by: LaughingWillow ()
Date: October 07, 2004 07:37AM

I was in this cult ( Banner of the Nations) that specificly seeks recruters from Savannah Collge of Art and Design...saying that they are the "gate of Zion" in which all the world will come to know "God"

Anywayu this is a warning to all those living in that area or know of other Apostolic churches.

They specificly target certain people by thier critera for "readiness for God's word" In actuality we were taught to look for people who were strugling with the big questions of life...like what do I believe, who am I and so on. once targeted..we prayed (preyed) and visited then each week to discuss God and try to recruit them. We were taught to be very persistant.

Once in the group..new comers go to weekend seminar with the pastor Frank Spencer. he did "anoiting" (really hyptnotism) extersisms ( more hypnotisms...then on the last day indoctornations of cult beliefs..the hypnotic experiences feel like genuine spiritual encounters with God..but are really just a hypnotic trance
then new comers are taught how to recruit..and presued to do so
New comers are taught about tithing....That "What you spend money on is what you worship"...to a new "believer" that is very potient

once that process is over ..they are full members

do 2 week fasts once in a while,
do all night worships where then whole church is dancing and chanting and under hypnosis to introduce further bizare cocepts...his most extreeme concepts come out of these all nighters
we are exersized once in awhile

Things taught:
physical imortality is achieved by seeking some untangable truth
no dating..courting for marrage only
medicines are not God's way of healing...one must be healed by mirricle
belief in physical healings.. but no one was ever healed "permanantly"
Submision to the church is submision to God
only apostolic churches are of God...all else false
if we left ,we were leaving truth
those who sought God on thier own " fall and never get back up"
athority is achieved through submission to church, rebelous members were at the bottom of the totem pole
those who submit fully were given athority over "stuborn" members
God/church comes first above all else..even homework and job

many people in the church developed psychosis (including me) some still have not recovered
I dont know where he is heading with this..but it is not good.
He has been brought to court once by a former member due to loss of money and psychosis
Many people lost alot of money, and valubles like watches, jewelry would be taken up as tithing as well
the average member tithed 60-80 dollars a week and if someone does not tithe then they get a lecture on the "curses of God for those who worship anything other than him"
people also had problems keeping with homework and jobs
families fell apart due to Frank's attitude about families being carnal minded.....often is sited "Only in one'e own hometown and houshold is a prophet without honor"

About Frank

A very Charasmatic preacher..shows strong favortism towards those who are submissive to him. Manic personality. Has a degree in psychology...so I know that he has been planing this for a while. One of those people that can cause people to submit to him and then say anything and people do not disagree. No one questions him untill it is too late and they gone nuts.

This group is very perswasive and piotentaly dangerious...I almost comited sucide because of him

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