Robert Kirby International Sydney is front for a Scientology practice
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Date: June 07, 2013 11:48AM

Core Energetics needs to be mentioned with reference to cult guru Robert Kirby of Robert Kirby International. He is also Robert Kirby psychotherapist Sydney but he used to be the head honcho for Core Energetics in Australia but destroyed the entire setup with his psychopathic paranoia and undermining he learnt at the Glebe chapter of Scientology in Sydney. The consensus of departing students and many clients now feel Kirby ran it as a psychotherapy cult .

He has just reinvented himself with a new website. He has had to try to mount an elaborate cover-up of his past as it was exposed by Anonymous cult busters group. He seems to have threatened legal action over several posts made about him by an ex Sydney colleague plus other Sydney victims he “treated” with his 4 Pillars programme and his group retreats and one on one routines.
The expose is found under the heading “Sydney Psychologist and Transformation Guru is front-end for Scientology” and is at []

He was trained by John and Eva Pierrakos who sent him to Australia after he got into trouble in the USA community for “boundary violations”. His teacher Siegmar Gurkin now tours the world and we met him in Sydney recently where he does a variation of Core Energetics called Core Evolution and he told us some info about all this.

No one can use the name now of Core Energetics in Australia after Kirby trashed its name with his abuses and manipulations of students and clients. Scientology defectors from Glebe told us Kirby also is up to grade 4 in his Scientology Bridge levels and is active within the Glebe Scientology group but hides this from clients and his “crew”.
Seigmar tells a different story about Kirby in the U.S.A in the old days and his behaviour during trainings than the hero grandiose golden boy he kept telling us he was held to be over there. They thought he was a jerk!!

I left over two years ago but my friend is trapped along with “crew” which is a Scientology term, who include poor old Yurgen who told me he started therapy with him back in 1998!! Talk about keeping people dependent and trapped. He is photographed as part of his crew on the website.

He has been of late yelling and screaming at attendees and now is spouting he is finally making a comeback and is going down his old path as a money guru. The guy was near broke, had no car, no real assets and still rents his unit and catches trams and lifts with his crew. We heard Tanya his ex-wife cannot get proper maintenance from him! yet he wants to educate us about how to be super rich!!

His new event is called Money Mastery and he should be attending it as a student and not the teacher so beware. He did a financial and leadership course on the good scientology ship FreeWinds floating around the Caribbean 2 summers ago.

He tried to take his son Liam along as a mere kid on a floating cult boat without disclosing it to his wife but she found out and nailed him before he could fly out. The truth and Kirby have always been casual acquaintances.

He has never gotten over how Jamie Mcintyre who came to one of his workshops as a couch surfing bum is now a major motivational speaker and educator across Australia, and Kirby sees himself as a big time Charlie and tries to get amongst the powerful.

His relaunch includes the two new “breakthrough” workshops:
mastering laws of money - The Secret mishmashed with Abraham Hicks and Scientology
mind mastery - Scientology and Dianetics for the misguided and unwary

My experience of the 4 Pillars and other “money” events means that both of these courses will be repackaged old courses full of key Scientology material which he then creates a mash with Core Energetics , Bioenergetics , Reich work, Polarity therapy , and some odd Buddhism and martial arts references. His old Heart Energetics training even had notes that were full of these references. I got hold of these notes recently from a trainee about to throw them out. Not much has changed.

I am still recovering from seeing people coming to a supposed “safe” retreat setting and then be witness as he confronts and traumatises some new clients in his retreats and then looks to blame the clients when they cannot do the work

I feel ashamed I never spoke up but the rage would have come at me. Strangely most of the others looked on as if it was normal and so I started to doubt myself. He always says that the clients he confronts are “masky” and victims and then forces them to agree with him or they are shamed and character assassinated in front of the group and sometimes thrown out. Rage and the fear it creates is his main controller of others.

When that failed he reaches for the rosary beads and claims to be a mystic, have divine channelling, hear voices, and can heal based on gifts. He should be in a sideshow at a Barnum and Bailey circus!!

That was two years ago but my friend says he is still the same but just trying to recreate his business as he tries to get famous. His website at [] shows this new coming out again after years in struggle and hiding from scandal. He looked depressed back then.

He used to be part of a Wholistic Business Network or WBN group in Sydney which was a hangout for ex-sannyasin Orange People types who were bored and directionless after the Osho Bhagwan thing collapsed in scandal. I originally found out about him from someone there.

This group has died and now a new group called Shine Sydney has emerged. Some of the Shine Sydney group came from this WBN background.
They have now reinvented themselves into another cult like group which is sort of Conscious Capitalism meets the Ecstasy party set of GEN X and Y. Its an updated Osho gig all these years later complete with workshops run by “charismatic gurus” which Kirby has now infiltrated. His enabler is a guy called Paul Harvey. He seems Ok as a person but seems fooled by Kirby and may be another manipulated into doing things for Kirby for free as has been the case for many of us who served Kirby's needs and wants when part of that cult.

He is now part of an entrepreneurial event with Shine Sydney called “ Monks, Millionaires and Money ”. Well Kirby is no Millionaire, has no real money but does swing an image creating set of rosary beads around and try to act holier than thou so I guess he is the monk. Funny how most monks are getting exposed as abusing their flocks these days.

The Shine Sydney has tried to fill the vacuum of the now discredited “The Secret” and are the new psychobabble about quantum physics and money as energy. Its Abraham Hicks and all that sort of Anthony Robbins style entrepreneur hyped up energy you see at those wealth creation seminars.

Kirby is all about the energy of attraction or laws of attraction but they do not work for him so they cannot be universal laws, perhaps that’s why he keeps showing up in Glebe for more NED Dianetics debugging and thetan busting. The real problem is that he is the master of manipulating others into believing him and spending money with him so a wolf is now amongst a new flock of lambs.

Interesting that when you do a WHOIS on the recently registered domain name ROBERT-KIRBY-SCIENTOLOGY.COM and ROBERT-KIRBY-SCIENTOLOGY.BIZ that Paul Harvey of SEO in Sydney is the registrant. He is a follower and client of the Kirby cult and works his website and SEO strategy for him and so thats why Kirby now has a new internet presence.

If you check out Robert Kirby's website [] under 'The Team' you will see a picture of this very guy Paul Harvey. Look at the “team” of Shine Sydney on their website and guess who but Paul Harvey is also on that team. If you look hard at Shine Sydney you will find two more Scientology linked characters.

Scientology uses suppression to attack and defeat their critics and you would expect from any psychopathic organisation. Note that when you do a search now on say 'Robert Kirby Sydney' or 'Robert Kirby Scientology' etc. you get the following comment at the bottom of the search results:

'In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at'
When you go in there to you see Robert Kirby International submitted that legal request to suppress Google showing the Anonymous website posting by his ex students. Kirby has used Scientology help to suppress Google but did not count on Google not liking to have free speech crushed.

Chilling Effects is a website that collects and publishes cease and desist letters that it receives from individuals and from organisations such as Google when they cop them from suppressors like Kirby. By publishing their legal letters the world gets to see that people like Kirby have something they want to hide and want to prevent us survivors of him having free speech. The Chilling Effects sting in the tail is people now notice these new Google notices and get curious and check them out.

Watch out in Qld for one of his old “crew” a woman called Shelley is now moved and practicing in Brisbane and actively promotes Kirby through testimonials and on her own website. She is promoted on his website too. As a trained psychologist she should be warned that exposing clients to unsafe therapists violates her code of ethics in her professional bodies. She could get sued if one of her clients has a bad experience with him from any recommendations she makes about people attending his events.

There are number of ex Kirby students and old clients who want to warn others about him.

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Re: Robert Kirby International Sydney is front for a Scientology practice
Posted by: sharon ()
Date: December 12, 2014 08:03AM


I would love to know more. Where are the other ex students?

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Re: Robert Kirby International Sydney is front for a Scientology practice
Posted by: Magua ()
Date: August 08, 2016 10:10AM

I Would love to know where you got this information.

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Re: Robert Kirby International Sydney is front for a Scientology practice
Posted by: speakyourtruth ()
Date: November 07, 2018 09:50AM

unfortunately most of what is written here is true. such a shame as when he started he was very talented and did help some people. others just got sucked in and others fell by the wayside. he is an excellent group hypnotherapist unfortunately used for his own ends. Scientology took over. i know as i was there for most of it :(

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Re: Robert Kirby International Sydney is front for a Scientology practice
Posted by: speakyourtruth ()
Date: November 07, 2018 09:51AM

Magua, its mostly true. i was there and can vouch it is true. unfortunately :(

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